Best of Burbank 2012 – Los Angeles River and Griffith Park

Burbank's Los Angeles River. Photo by Alex Zane

Burbank’s Los Angeles River. Photo by Alex Zane

One of our favorite walks runs from the Rancho’s Polliwog, along the Los Angeles River, crossing the horse bridge next to the Circle K Stables, and into Griffith Park. From there, right or left, there are amazing hikes to be had. Often, we turn to the right, head through the tunnels, around Martinez Arena, and up Oak Canyon and then onto Rattlesnake Trail. It’s also a popular one hour horse ride for renters setting out from the Circle K. If you head to the left after crossing the horse bridge, walk between the LA River and the freeway on a paved trail. You can cross under the freeway into the park, near the Live Steamers, and head up Rattlesnake that way.

We often see great blue herons along the river and throughout the Polliwog, and scores of ducks, birds and fish in the river. Burbank’s location next to Griffith Park is ideal for excercise in the great outdoors, from short scenic walks to long, arduous hikes. Deer and coyotes are regularly spotted on the trails. Share the trail with horses, dogs and runners. This is the number one hike for us right now. Check in soon for more favorite Burbank walks and hikes.

Burbank Parks & Recreation – always something great going on in Burbank!

Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department is fantastic – there are so many programs available to residents of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for after school care, summer nature camps, a dance class, an adult art class, team sports, community walks, or want to permit a jumper for a party in the park, Park & Rec can handle it. Burbank has lots of parks and sports fields, some public pools, lots of trails and so much of the infrastructure and services required, there’s a lot of great stuff to do in Burbank.

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